Warranty Info

Warranty Info

Price Match Guarantee

We at Optimum Drives aim to provide you with the lowest prices possible for the product and give a 99% guarantee that our prices will never exceed the competitor’s price.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize product quality for a better customer experience, and therefore, a complete check and balance is done for all the products before any shipment. We also make sure that all of our products are 99% Original and Genuine. Our products are “New Sealed” or “Used/Refurbished” and are certified for having the best standards.

Money Back Guarantee

Please carefully read our Return Policy, so in case of any inconvenience you can Exchange or Return the product ordered from Optimum Drives

Free CCIE Technical Support

Our customers trust us and we value this trust above all. Our suppliers ship our items on time and with complete safety, ensuring there is a secure payment method in place. Our verified authorization includes MacAfee Security and VeriSign Secured.

Secure Payment and Shipment

Our customers trust us and we value this trust above all. Our suppliers ship our items on time and with complete safety, ensuring there is a secure payment method in place. Our verified authorization includes MacAfee Security, and VeriSign Secured.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Process

In case of any returns, an RMA request should be raised after agreeing on the given terms and conditions:

  1. It is mandatory on all the returns of Optimum Drives items regardless of the reason for return.
  2. All accessories, manuals, software, and warranty claims should be returned with the item.
  3. There should be no damage to the original packaging.
  4. Upon receiving your RMA number, you will have to repack goods exactly as they were delivered to you, perhaps in the original outer box/package.
  5. A re-stocking fee of 25% will be charged if the original packaging is damaged.
  6. To avoid return rejection, do not write directly on the original box/package.
  7. To avoid return rejection, clearly mention the on the outer box the RMA number.
  8. Using a label, accurately mention Optimum Drives’ full address on the outer package.
  9. Once the shipment has been received and tested by our supply chain department, you will receive your exchanged product within 10 days of receipt of the damaged item.

Please note that in case of any discrepancies between your PO and the goods received, we must be informed within two days of receipt of the product.

Faulty Items under Warranty

Please submit an RMA request as soon as you discover a flaw in your purchased item. Following are the terms and conditions to agree to before the RMA request:

  1. Quote the order number, purchase date, and a serial number of the faulty item.
  2. After confirming the warranty on the faulty product, one of our engineers will attempt to resolve your issue over the phone or via remote access.
  3. If the issue persists, an RMA Number will be issued, and you must follow our standard RMA procedure.
  4. We will test the item and fix the problem once it has been returned.
  5. We will send a replacement if the item cannot be repaired. Replacement hardware may be new or equivalent to new, with identical or equivalent specifications.

Order Acknowledgement

When you purchase a product from the product listing of Optimum Drives, you receive an order acknowledgment from the website allowing and acknowledging your order. It is, however, not a contract and does not create order acceptance, and only serves as an order record, specifying your purchase and its pricing.

After you place an order, Optimum Drives will determine whether or not to fulfill your order. Optimum Drives reserves the right to cancel or limit your order due to any reason which may not necessarily be disclosed.

When you place an order with Optimum Drives, you rightfully and consensually agree to be bonded by all mentioned Terms and Conditions (TCUS) set forth anywhere on the Site, including Optimum Drives Terms and Conditions of sale. Optimum Drives reserves the right to accept, refuse, or limit your order for any reason, including but not limited to, credit review, the unavailability of a product, or mistakes in the prices and product descriptions on the Site.

By placing your order, you agree that Optimum Drives’ total liability, under any legal theory or claim, shall be limited to the purchase price paid to Optimum Drives for the product. Optimum Drives’ liability does not include any shipping and handling charges, which remain, at all times, non-refundable.


The Company quotes all prices in US Dollars, exclusive of tax, duty, customs, clearance, forwarding duties, and charges for international orders, including also freight and handling charges in the user’s home countries.

Because sales tax is charged on all products sold to Texas customers, you will be required to provide a valid resale tax exemption certificate if you are a reseller residing in Texas. If you fail to provide us with your resale tax exemption certificate, your sales tax will not be waived off and it will invalidate all your eligible tax exemptions.

Delivery Disputes

Shipment of all products shall be at FOB Optimum Drives’ warehouse unless otherwise stated. In case of any damage, delay, or loss in the delivery process, or any mishandling in the delivery process, customers shall directly contact and deal with their carrier service.

Customers also reserve the right to communicate their shipping instructions to the carrier service in the order placement process. However, if there are no instructions communicated by the customer, Optimum Drives will choose a shipping method that best serves the customer’s ordered product’s delivery. The Company is not liable, under any conditions, for any delay or damage incurred during the freight delivery process.

Furthermore, if the customer causes a delay in shipment, the Company will store the ordered products at the customer's risk and expense.

Risk of any Damage or Loss to the Product

In the case of the FOB shipping procedure, any risk, loss, or damage to the product will be solely passed onto the customer, their representative, or freight/carrier service.

Order Cancellation

Orders accepted by Optimum Drives can NOT be subjected to change or cancellation by a customer without the written consent of Optimum Drives or its authorized representatives. Any order canceled, replaced, or changed will have a minimum handling fee of greater than $25, or 15% of the order’s value. If you are to cancel or change your order, you shall call our customer care service or sales support during our operational timings. Emails requesting order cancellation will not be accepted.

Optimum Drives may reject or cancel, at its own will, an order in case of a product’s non-availability or back-order status. We apologize for any inconvenience. It is requested that you become aware, check, or understand that some of the products from our listings may not be in stock. Therefore, when placing an order, please review the stock details.

If the Company no longer offers/stocks a product that it has received from a customer for replacement, or if the item is on occasion out of stock, it will be sent to the RMA Department. In such a circumstance, the customer will have two options:

Optimum Drives send you a comparable replacement item, or
Optimum Drives issue a refund valuing the current market value of the ordered product. In such cases, the current market value price may not exceed the original invoiced price of the item.

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