Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Sale and open online orders are subject to these terms and conditions. Please carefully read these terms.

Please be aware that special terms that take precedence over the other clauses of these terms and conditions apply to consumers.

a - Website

a.i) Optimum Drives, with its registered office, runs this website. (referred to as "OD" "we" or "us"). Optimumdrives is a reseller of accessories, peripherals, and products related to computers.

a.ii) Both current and potential customers are invited to use this website. Customers who order our products are subject to our Terms and Conditions. Before making any purchases from this website, please read these terms and conditions.

a.iii) The following terms and conditions, which we reserve the right to update without prior notice to you, govern access to and use of the website that we provide. 

"the following terms and conditions will be deemed accepted by you if you order products from us or use or access the website."

"please discontinue using the website if you do not agree to these terms and conditions."

b - Definitions

b.i) The term "business customer" refers to a client who is not a consumer.

b.ii) "Consumer" refers to a person who is not acting in a professional or business capacity.

b.iii) "Force Majeure" means any cause affecting the performance by of its obligations arising from acts, events, omissions, happenings, or non-happenings beyond its reasonable control including (but not limited to) governmental regulations, fire, flood, or any disaster or industrial dispute affecting a third party.

b.iv) On a working day, "Normal Working Hours" are defined as 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

b.v) Monday through Friday are referred to as "working days," excluding bank and other public holidays.

b.vi) The Limited Terms and Conditions of Sale, which cover the business and trading relationships between the Customer and its Users, and the Terms and Conditions for Customer and its Users' Access to the Open Online System are collectively referred to as "Terms and Conditions."

c - Orders

c.i) No matter whether the customer purchases the products using written purchase orders or electronic orders via EDI (collectively "Purchaser Orders"), these terms and conditions apply to all sales of (the "Products") by Seller to the customer. Upon receipt by Customer of an express acceptance by or upon commencement of performance by , these Terms and Conditions, the Purchase Order, as modified by ’s acceptance or order acknowledgment, become a binding contract between Customer and on the terms reflected in those documents (the “Sales Agreement”). In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and any purchase order, these terms and conditions take precedence, unless the purchaser has expressly acknowledged or accepted the conflicting term in the purchase order. 

c.ii) Orders placed by you are subject to acceptance and the availability of the ordered Products; has the right to reject any order.

c.iii) Your submission of information to us for the purpose of purchasing goods or services from our website is accurate.

c.iv) It is your responsibility to ensure that the credit or debit card you use to pay for your order from us is your own or that of your business, that you have permission to use it, and that there are enough funds or credit lines available to pay for any goods or services you order from us. Before delivering any goods or services to you, we reserve the right to verify the information on your credit or debit card.

c.v) Please be aware that inbound and outbound calls as well as electronic traffic may be recorded, monitored, or both for training purposes.

c.vi) Any order must be accepted and have its credit request approved before it is accepted. HDD reserves the right to terminate the agreement with the customer's consent and without incurring any liability.

d - Prices

d.i) All prices are exclusive of any applicable sales taxes, which the customer will be additionally responsible for paying (if any). Although they may also apply to other states, nations, or provinces.

d.ii) Optimum Drives reserves the right, by giving written notice to the Customer at any time before delivery, to increase the price of the Products to reflect any changes in specifications for the Products which are requested by the Customer or are necessary as a result of any delay caused by:

a) The Customer's instructions or 
b) The Customer's failure to provide adequate information or instructions.

e - Ordering

e.i) By email, we'll confirm that we've received your order.

e.ii) We will send you an email confirming the dispatch of your order along with the tracking information.

e.iii) Please be aware that we communicate with you via email, phone, or fax using the email address you have provided.

f - Access Rights and Authorization

f.i) Optimum Drives (the "Company") allows users an inclusive right and authorization to browse and access the website for any personal, commercial, or noncommercial, including but not limited to, the purchase of items for use or resale. However, our access rights and authorization strictly exclude the following actions:

f.i.i) Re-sale of the website or its respective contents.

f.i.ii) Unless expressly authorized, prohibits the collection and use of its product listings, titles, descriptions, and prices.

f.i.iii) Plagiarized, copied use of our website or its respective contents.

f.i.iv) Restricts data mining, robots, data gathering, and extraction tool.

f.ii) Optimum Drives, (the “Company”), as a whole, including but not limited to, its operations and processes, interface, and contents is entirely covered under the US copyright law and international law and treaty. It shall not be, in any way, reproduced, replicated, imitated, sold, exploited, maliciously visited, or resold for any illegal and non-acceptable purposes unless consented to.

Any malicious and illegal use of the website shall immediately result in the license’s termination and rights allowed by the company and may subject you to legal trial and examination.

You have a limited, revocable, and all-encompassing option to create hyperlinks to any page of the website as long as the created link limits the display of the website. the Company, its associates, partners, co-brand accomplices, Licensors, and any other partners, its products and services in a deceptive, harsh, invasive, or harmful manner.

You shall not use any Licensor, associate, subsidiary, co-brand partner, partner logo, or registered graphic or trademark associated with Optimum Drives, as part of a link to the website unless otherwise permitted in writing by the Company, its subsidiary, associate, co-brand partner, or any other partner or Licensor.

g - Brand Trademark

g.i) Optimum Drives’ trademarks, service marks, logos, and graphics (the "Trademarks") that appear on Optimum Drives internet site are all registered trademarks of Optimum Drives, Inc. Any use of or linking to Optimum Drives Trademarks or to Optimum Drives Site(s) must comply with stated (TCUS).

g.ii) You cannot purchase Optimum Drives’ brand name, trademark, language syntax, or contents, nor can you create its byproducts, or purchase its mentioned keywords to drive traffic to its competitors.

h - Delivery terms

h.i) Standard delivery: If all the items in your order are in stock, standard delivery will allow you to receive your entire order in 1 to 2 days.

h.ii) Same-day delivery: For all orders placed before 4:00 PM EST, same-day delivery guarantees that you will receive your order for in-stock items before business closes.

h.iii) Part Shipping: If you order multiple items, it's possible that they may have different lead times. As a result, you may need to request a number of deliveries, and you will be charged for any overage.

h.iv) Shipping to Multiple Locations: After passing the necessary security checks and paying the additional fees, some customers who make central purchases want to have a variety of items delivered to different offices.

h.v) We ship to every state in the union. UPS or Federal Express are used for shipping. Federal Express or UPS can deliver your package within a maximum of two days after your order is dispatched. We reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to choose the delivery method.

h.vi) Please be aware that, provided your product is in stock at our warehouse, your order placed on a Friday will be delivered to you by the following business day because DHL does not deliver on weekends.

i - Availability

i.i) To provide accurate information on product availability, we update our website throughout the day. We also update the lead time that is listed. Although we make every effort to guarantee that all of the items we advertise are always available, we cannot guarantee availability. In the unlikely event that the item you've selected isn't available, we'll get in touch with you as soon as we can to let you know when to expect delivery. After the indicated waiting period has passed and a product that has been ordered is still unavailable, we will get in touch with you via phone or email to offer an extension to the waiting period or to suggest a different product. Even if a product is listed as out of stock on our website, one of our suppliers may still have it in stock. Please get in touch with us by phone or email if you want to verify this.

j - Payments

j.i) Whether you place an order online, over the phone, via fax, or email, there are four different ways to make payment arrangements: Account, Credit and Debit Cards, or Bank Transfer.

j.ii) By completing our credit application form, on the account. The credit department will decide on the credit limit after receiving the application. This procedure could take a week. Once finished, we can extend credit for up to 30 days on a net basis.

j.iii) American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit and debit cards are used in conjunction with a secure payment method. (your card is charged on the day of your order for security reasons). You have two options for doing this: online or by filling out the credit card form.

j.iv) Payment by bank transfer: Provides the option to pay by bank transfer. Please be aware that international bank transfers will only be accepted if the customer covers the additional transfer fees. When your bank transfer is received, your payment will be processed. We will send your products once we have received your payment. Off-line payment processing could take several days.

j.v) Telephone: Call +1 (346) 249-5653 for our customer service. (Toll-Free). In the event that you place a high-value order, we reserve the right to get in touch with you and request additional information before authorizing your payment.

j.vi) Please be aware that reserves the right to require a bank transfer payment from customers during initial transactions for security reasons.

j.vii) Please be aware that we reserve the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons if our insurance company and fraud detection department suspect any suspicious details.

j.viii) Unless otherwise specified in a written agreement, the standard terms of payment for customers with credit accounts are 30 days from the date of the invoice. If a payment is not received by the due date, the creditor has the right to charge daily interest on the unpaid balance to business customers at a rate of 18% per year and to consumers at a rate of 5% per year.

k - Product Specifications

k.i) While we try our best to deliver the products exactly as advertised, we reserve the right to do so with a few minor manufacturer-caused changes to actual dimensions and specifications.

k.ii) If the company is unable to fulfill the customer's order, it reserves the right to substitute equivalent or better-quality goods for no additional charge. If the customer is presented with an alternative product and does not wish to accept it, they may cancel their order and request a refund of all monies paid, including shipping costs. The customer's only option in these circumstances shall be this.

l - Brand Trademark

l.i) Optimum Drives’ trademarks, service marks, logos, and graphics (the "Trademarks") that appear on Optimum Drives internet site are all registered trademarks of Optimum Drives, Inc. Any use of or linking to Optimum Drives Trademarks or to Optimum Drives Site(s) must comply with stated (TCUS).

l.ii) You cannot purchase Optimum Drives’ brand name, trademark, language syntax, or contents, nor can you create its byproducts, or purchase its mentioned keywords to drive traffic to its competitors.

m - Returns and Warranties

m.i) We are dedicated to giving our customers the best products and services available. Products might, however, occasionally be found to be flawed or defective.

m.ii) Unless otherwise stated in the manufacturer's documentation, all Products delivered carry a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

m.iii) The following provisions of this Clause shall apply if you purchase Products as part of your business. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all other terms and implied terms or warranties relating to the supply of Products are excluded aside from those expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions.

until expressly agreed in writing, products are not tested or sold as being fit for any particular application or for use under specific conditions.

m.iv) If you purchase services in the course of your business, the following provisions of this Clause shall apply. shall use its skill and expertise to carry out any contracted works (the "Service(s)") to a standard equivalent to that of the industry standards, and shall warrant our work as free from defects, for a period of 30 days after completion. We specifically disclaim all liability for any fault or damage not the result of our engineers' or our contracted agents' negligence. The right to appoint an impartial expert in the field to evaluate the work done in the execution of the Service is reserved if a claim is made regarding the level of skill and judgment used in the course of providing Services. (s). Furthermore, cannot be held accountable for installed or configured equipment that has since been modified or configured by someone else. To the fullest extent permitted by law, all other express or implied terms or warranties relating to the Services are disclaimed, save as expressly provided here.

m.v) Within 7 days of delivery, the Products must be returned with's prior written consent if, in its sole discretion, decides to accept the return of unwanted goods for credit. The Products must be brand-new, unopened, and in perfect condition for resale. A handling fee of 25% of the Products' sale price will be applied to any Products returned under these conditions.

m.vi) If, but only if, the Products are returned within 7 days of delivery, we will accept the return of defective Products for a full refund or replacement at our discretion, subject to testing to verify any alleged fault.

m.vii) Which delivery method to use for returning the products will be recommended to you by us. Depending on the type of product you bought, we will either set up a courier pick-up or ask you to send the product back directly to us. You will receive a refund for the cost of returning an item if it is determined that the Products are defective after inspection. Product returns must be authorized. 

m.vii) The Returns Material Authorization number (or "RMA Number") for all returned goods must be included. This number can be obtained by getting in touch with customer support. 

m.ix) You are strongly advised to send your package by recorded delivery, registered mail, or courier and to insure the Products for their full value because proof of postage is not proof of delivery.

m.x) When we receive the returned item, we'll test it to see if it has the problem you've reported.

m.xi) If the Products have been serviced, altered, or damaged in any way by the Customer, its employees, or agents, or if they have not been used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, this warranty shall not be valid.

m.xii) Software that has had its seals broken cannot be returned for a refund. The manufacturer will replace any defective software disks. Please be aware that software licenses cannot be returned unless the physical media on which it is supplied is damaged or the software is materially out of compliance with its specifications.

m.xiii) This warranty is the only warranty that applies to the products and expressly supersedes all other warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. additionally disclaims all warranties with regard to production, performance, wearable or consumable parts, as well as any separately listed item of the products that are not otherwise expressly stated here.

n - Liability

n.i) Under no circumstances shall in its dealings with Business Customers be liable for any consequential or indirect damage or loss, however, caused, including (but not limited to) loss of business or profits, loss of goodwill, harm to trading relationships, loss of data, or other monetary loss. ("Financial loss" in this sense does not refer to the price you have paid for the Products, which we may be liable to refund to you, in whole or in part, if the Products are faulty or do not comply with their description). is only responsible for the invoiced amount of the relevant order for any additional losses.

n.ii) The liability for wrongful death or personal injury resulting from its negligence is not in any way limited by this agreement.

o - Powers That Be

o.i) It shall not be deemed to be in breach of its contract with the Customer if, despite its reasonable efforts, it is unable to perform an obligation due to events outside of its reasonable control and/or Force Majeure.

p - License

p.i) Optimum Drives enable you to use this website on a non-exclusive basis in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

p.ii) Optimum Drives may at any time and without giving you prior notice terminate this license.

p.iii) These terms and conditions, which are applicable to all web pages and all website entry points, are accepted by your access and/or use of the website.

q - Modifications to the Website's Content

q.i) Optimum Drives may, at any time, and without prior notice to you, make changes to the website's content.

r - General

r.i) Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by anything in these terms and conditions.

r.ii) Any modification to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by the appropriate party.

r.iii) The headings are only included for convenience and have no bearing on how this Agreement should be read.

s - Central Law & Regulation

s.i) Any queries with respect to the structure and creation of this agreement, rights, and responsibilities of the parties, as provided for under the terms of the document, shall only be determined and set under the applicable law of the State of the USA.

t - Copyrights

t.i) Optimum Drives makes no representation, in any way, known or unknown, regarding any intellectual property rights it may or may not have on its website's product listing.

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