HPE Midline Hard Drives

HPE Midline Hard Drives are ideal for Bulk Storage.

When it comes to data storage, it is critical to acquire hardware that can keep up with the increasing storage demand in our current era. As programs become more data-driven and storage-hungry, there will be a greater need to meet current storage demands, which are easily exceeded. When these storage demands are met, your ability to obtain additional storage drives may be hampered by the rising cost of storage devices such as solid-state drives (SSDs). These drives may not have nearly as much storage as an HPE midline drive, requiring you to purchase additional drives for storage. Fortunately, those looking for bulk storage options can get through Optimumdrives at the best rates.

Hard Drives HPE Midline

There are many bulk storage options for data warehousing, including 8TB, 10TB, 12TB, 14TB, and 16TB midline hard drives. These large storage capacity drives allow you to store large amounts of data at a low cost while maintaining performance. More data-intensive storage devices, such as solid-state drives, are typically very expensive and come with a decent amount of storage. Most solid-state drives with 2TB or higher storage capacities can easily cost thousands of dollars. Although they are more suited to mission-critical workloads,

HPE midline hard drives are an excellent choice for storage applications that must not only store large amounts of data but also operate on a tight budget.


Pure performance, such as storage drives with higher read/write IOPS, can come at a storage cost. Typically, more storage means a storage device that can store large amounts of data but isn’t as fast or as efficient as other drives.


The benefit is that your server configuration will not suffer performance degradation. HPE server Midline hard drives have a larger storage capacity as well as data transfer rates of up to 12G. Furthermore, because most Midline hard drives have SmartCarrier trays, they are backward compatible with HPE ProLiant Gen8 and Gen9 servers. This means that if you have the correct firmware, you can easily purchase a Gen10 midline hard drive and install it on any Gen8 or Gen9 server.

When it comes to storing large amounts of data, the need to secure critical information is critical to your company’s success. Fortunately, most HPE Midline hard drives are encrypted with genuine HPE Digitally Signed Firmware, which can be downloaded from sources that are bundled with malicious code. Digitally Signed Firmware adds an extra layer of security to your data by ensuring that all drive firmware is downloaded only from reputable sources.

So, how can you tell if your drive has digitally signed firmware? Every hard drive will have a firmware sticker or the firmware will be printed on the drive label. Digitally signed firmware drives will have a sticker that says “DSFW,” which stands for digitally signed firmware.


Finally, HPE Server Midline hard drives are ideal for server applications like bulk data storage, data warehousing, and cloud storage. In addition, Optimumdrives stocks HPE Midline hard drives for select HPE ProLiant servers and HPE MSA storage applications. HPE Midline hard drives are available for certain HPE ProLiant servers and HPE Modular Smart Arrays (MSA). Optimumdrives stocks HPE Midline hard drives in both factory-sealed and new retail condition and both come with a three-year Optimumdrives warranty.

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